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Site Engagement Services

Site Engagement Services (SES) acts as an extension of your operations team, dedicated to educating and motivating site staff to meet the demands posed by tight enrollment timelines and complex protocols. From clear, timely emails and news posts to configuring checklists to leaderboards and badges, SES provides an array of services for site engagement. As an extension of the sponsor’s operations team, we share your goals of maximum protocol adherence and ahead-of-target study completion.

Bryan Farrow, our Director Site Engagement Services, attending an IM.

We usually provide a formal presentation engage one-on-one with investigators and coordinators using iPads. Read more about this.

Knowledgeable about clinical operations, well versed in the current clinical trial climate, and committed to the success of your trial, our SES team can work with you to:

    Create a site motivation strategy
  • Establish challenges regarding randomization, query resolution, or other tasks
  • Manage and award badges based on a site’s response to these challenges
  • Create customized and interactive leaderboards, indicating week-by-week or month-by-month metrics (such as enrollment) for all sites
    Create a communication plan
  • Create news updates from sponsor bullet lists and white papers
  • Source photos, images and videos to enrich news update
  • Take notes on topics to be communicated to sites during operations meetings
  • Coordinate weekly email updates
    Implement your document library plan
  • Develop a streamlined folder system for easy, intuitive navigation by the study site
  • Support document distributions via email, complete with audit trail for opens and views
    Provide resources to study sites for improved protocol adherence patient interaction
  • Aggregate vendor manuals, trial procedures manuals and the protocol into the Visit Guide
  • Build calculators to generate patient visit schedules, establish metric-based eligibility, determine dosing, and more
  • Create online training modules
    Help sites and clinical operations make best use of TrialNetworks
  • Present and interact one-on-one at investigator meetings
  • Provide training and expert tips to sponsors and CROs
    Provide metrics to sponsors on:
  • Open and click email rates
  • Individual application usage
  • Popularity of posts, applications, memos, etc.

Our SES team can work with you to identify the level of service you may need. Whether it’s to have us be fully integrated into your operations team or provide a few hours of logistics support on use of TrialNetworks, we can structure a service solution for your exact need.