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New App: Visit Guide

Visit Guide, a condensed and easy-to-navigate online version of the protocol organized by visit, is a new app we released in July. We’re currently deploying it in two trials.

We built Visit Guide with two goals in mind. First, we wanted to provide the most efficient possible reference for sites, using navigation and expandable headers to allow site staff to easily view the relevant procedures and information for a particular visit. Second, we wanted to provide a central place from which to link to all relevant tools and content.

For example, a research coordinator looking at information about a procedure performed on the week three visit will see information about, and links to, all relevant documents, frequently asked questions, videos, training materials and other online systems inside and outside of TrialNetworks.

Our starting point for Visit Guide is to replace hardcopy aids and laminated “cheat sheets,” allowing sites to easily access up-to-date information via mobile devices or computers. This provides convenience for site staff and promotes protocol adherence by ensuring that the latest relevant information is readily accessible from one place.

Screenshot showing visit navigation within a Visit Guide
One-click navigation to the relevant visit or to an overall schedule of events.

The hierarchy can contain links to resources and other system relevant to the visit and procedure. This example shows an inline BMI calculator.

Schedule of events provides an overview and links to each visit.

Learn more about Visit Guide.