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We attended three investigator meetings this month in Chicago, Atlanta and at home in Boston. As with other members of the extended trial team, we attend so that we can present TrialNetworks and introduce site staff to features and capabilities. We provide a formal presentation and engage one-on-one with both investigators and coordinators during meals and receptions using our iPads for demonstrations. We also have a number of additional roles at an IM.

Bryan Farrow
Bryan Farrow, our Director of Site Engagement Services, presenting at an IM.

One role is to capture the information and enthusiasm onsite and convey it online, through TrialNetworks. Even a well-attended IM has only one to two representatives from each site; combined with inevitable turnover in certain roles, and additional staff not in attendance, we have made the IM educational content available online for all trial team members. Information presented at the IM is assembled by our team, posted online and provided to everyone with the ability to search all content. Video recorded at meetings can be edited into short compelling online videos for training or to reinforce messages from the sponsor or CRO. After a recent IM, we assembled a slideshow from photographs we took and have seen an impressive number of views.

Another aspect of our participation is learning. When we are hired to provide community engagement services for our platform technology, it's important that we understand the protocol and the trial’s nuances. IMs give us important information about the protocol, the compound and the scientific rationale that allows us to help maximize site engagement. We also have a personal interest in learning and the more we understand the science and potential patient benefits behind the trials our technology supports, the greater our passion.

We are always interested in feedback and improving the TrialNetworks platform. Positive feedback is always welcome, and while there was plenty of that at the three meetings we attended this month, we also seek out constructive feedback and ideas for new features that make people more productive or informed. Meaningful conversations with coordinators and investigators were plentiful, and many of the newer features that received the best reaction from site staff were inspired by conversations and feedback earlier in the year.